Monday, August 25, 2008

What Swerver and I Had For Transportation Around Liloan

This is a tricycle. It is simply a mode of transportation that consists of a motorcycle and a cab that is attached to the cycle. It can hold about eight persons, driver included. This is the primary mode of transportation that you can ride when you want to go around the town of Liloan.

A Brief Background

Contrary to what some Filipinos might think, the tricycle is not unique to the Philippines. In fact, several countries -- mostly in Asia -- have tricycles plying their roads. There a lot of versions of tricycles around the world, including these:

I think though that the Philippine tricycle has something unique that makes it more special than the ones in the other parts of the world. Why? It's because I think tricycles in other countries are built that way. The Philippine tricycle, on the other hand, is a convertible. If you wish to use only the motorcycle you can detach it from the cab, and then reattach it if you wish to drive a tricycle around and earn money.

The Liloan Experience

You can encounter tricycles anywhere in Liloan. However, you can find the majority of them parked in a mini-terminal in the town center near the municipal hall and the Church. This is where you should go to as a starting point in your journey anywhere around the town. As such, Swerver and I took one of these when we headed off to the lighthouse and back to the center of town.

I don't know how much they charge per head because Swerver and I made "pakyaw." For a fare of 50 pesos, we had the tricycle to ourselves on the way Bagacay Light Point. As a tourist, you should take advantage of the experience and ask the drivers questions about the town. They are natives, and they should be able to give you some useful information about Liloan. Personally, Swerver and I were able to inquire about some of the other famous spots of Liloan like the boat-shaped rock that we are yet to check out.

I am a native of the Philippines. However, I couldn't get enough of these tricycles because of the experience and comfort that they afford the passengers compared to jeepneys that are always jam-packed that you cannot move your legs around while riding. If anyone new to the town especially foreigners decide to visit Liloan, I strongly suggest you ride the tricycles than charter a van or use a private car. The experience will be truly unforgettable.

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LILOAN said...

the Liloan tricycle operators recently received approval for minimum 8 pesos fare

sam said...

the place with the stone boat is mulao. my cousin went there and they had to walk for five hours... u better wear sturdy shoes.. hehe...

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