Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Interview with the Festival Queen

Cebu is an island of festivals. In celebration of its 439th founding anniversary, Cebuanos witnessed different festivals from 34 participating towns and cities last August 9. It was a glorious event of festivities, festival queens, street dancing and colorful display of pride by the people. The participating towns and cities showcased their signature festival with much fanfare and bravado. Bantayan Island was adjudged as the grand prize winner and bagged a cool million pesos for the win with its Palawod Festival. The town of Daanbantayan with Haladayan Festival and the town of Alcoy with Siloy Festival were runners-up.

Not to be outdone, Liloan also amazed the crowd by parading its own Rosquillos Festival. Rosquillos is a globally-exported biscuit in Liloan.

We are lucky enough that Ms. Darmae Maningo, Liloan’s current Festival Queen, accepted our invitation for online interview. Darmae, a third year student from the University of the Philippines, admits to being a Math whiz. She adores pikachu among the pokemons.

Liloan Trippers: Hi. What’s up with you lately?
Darmae: Nothing much. Busy with school.

Liloan Trippers: You won as Liloan’s Festival Queen last May, how was it?
Darmae: It was cool. Although it had been my (and my aunty’s) dream to become Ms. Liloan, it was totally unexpected until the very end.

Liloan Trippers: How did your family feel about your win?
Darmae: They were proud of me, of course. My mom, who’s from a relatively far-flung barangay in Tayud, felt especially elated that I was able to put her small barangay on the map of Liloan.

Liloan Trippers: And the town also joined the Festival of Festivals some weeks ago. How was it?
Darmae: The event was really grandiose. I came to know of the best of the best from both ends of Cebu. All towns tried their best to showcase awesome talents and products to promote their own place.

Liloan Trippers: In comparison to other Cebu towns, do you think Liloan has an edge? What? Why?
Darmae: Yes, because Liloan has been able to keep its heritage and then getting the better end of the stick for it. For instance, the rosquillos. Instead of buying foreign snacks, the people of Liloan have made the effort to patronize their own rosquillos and make it known internationally. At the end of the day, even those Liloanons abroad have something to look forward to when they get home.

Liloan Trippers: What are Liloan’s current concerns that you feel should be given top priority?
Darmae: I think the education sector should be given topmost priority right now. There are only few public high schools in Liloan and many people cannot afford for private education. Even some of my backup dancers during the festival are not in school. This encourages waves of other problems such as drug addiction and teenage pregnancy.

Liloan Trippers: Five reasons why should I go to Liloan.
Darmae: Oh, boy, you are giving me a hard time here. Well… 1) Interesting historical background like the parolas and the old church. 2) Great food: rosqillos, masi in Yati, landang in Lamac and budbod in Tayud. You name it. 3) Unlike in the city, you have available fresh foods like fish, fruits and vegetables. 4) Beautiful beach, intriguing lilo and you can even enjoy the sea by diving from the bridge. 5) Of course, what we have here are warm and friendly people.

Liloan Trippers: Any tips if ever I go to Liloan?
Darmae: Prepare yourself for the expected things! (laughs) Town adventures of all sorts, long walks, riding habal-habal and muddy paths if it rains. Don’t forget also to try rosquillos!

Liloan Trippers: Describe Liloan in less than three words.
Darmae: World class… soon (giggles)

Liloan Trippers: Parting words?
Darmae: Padayon Liloanons and world peace!:)

Group Presentation - Festival Queen - Rosquillos Festival 2008.mp3 - Liloan


Mike said...

now i know... she's the one...

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and smart woman!

Anonymous said...

WTH? Do u call that queen? Our ladies here in Danao look good and sexy, not white and bulgy.