Friday, February 18, 2011

Fishing at Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon

As promised here is the video that we took of somebody fishing a catch in Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon!

This one was fished off one of "Catch-and-Release" ponds. You couldn't cook the catch you made here. You have to release them back into the water. Good for sport fishing! Fishes are not as big as the game overseas though.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Liloan Trippers Visit Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon!

As we have promised in our previous post, we are going back to Liloan to visit the ziplines that have been constructed in our dear second home. We had two choices, Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon and dPond. Since Papa Kit's is nearer to the center of town where Swerve and I usually meet, we decided to check it out.

Entrance was 100 pesos per person, and consumable in any of the two restaurants that are in the amazingly large property. There were plenty of things that you could do and these would include horseback riding and fishing at the lagoons/ponds. These have corresponding charges, but in my excitement, I forgot to take a picture of the charge schedule found right at the entrance.

There, of course, is the Zipline. As seen from the pictures below, they indeed cross a part of Silot Bay and it's not a simple feat. You have to climb a four-storey structure and once you get to the top, they attach you via a harness to the Zipline and flung you across Silot Bay. For only 200 pesos back and forth, you get to enjoy the beauty of Silot Bay from the sky. Swerver was enthusiastic about trying it, but I wasn't. However, there had been so many people in there as it was a Sunday when we visited so Swerve wasn't able to get his turn.

Oh, about fishing... there are four ponds in which you can fish. Two of these ponds are simply game fishing; when you catch the fish, you'd have to return them back to the pond. Fishing in these waters are no simple feat. The fishes are big! When we arrived, the fishes were right in front but were quick to swim away thus denying me a chance to take their pictures. This guy, however had a lucky catch.

I have a video of him hauling his catch from the pond, and it sure was a fight! I will upload the video to YouTube soon and embed it in a separate blog soon.

To get to Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon, turn right from the Church towards Catarman. The entrance to the property can be easily spotted at the right of the road, just before the road turns slightly left and before you reach the bridge crossing to Catarman. There is also an easily seen sign that indicates the entrance to Papa Kit's.

Don't hesitate to visit Papa Kit's! The experience is certainly worth it! It was for me and Swerve.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Support Project: Einstrider!

It's been three years since the Liloan Trippers project had been founded. During the early days of the blog, we were operating with the intent of trying to grab the win for the blogging contest hosted by the provincial government of Cebu through the Mandaue Business Month event.

Swerve and I had been a practically "Johnny come lately" (in Swerver's own words) to the contest, with only two weeks remaining before judging. It was remarkable how many views and visits we were able to generate in just two weeks since joining; we even overtook the leading blog of that time in terms of visits. Read more about Swerver's recounting of the contest here.

All of that was possible through your support dear readers. Despite the fact that we only used Friendster's Bulletin pages and our Multiply pages Immortalundead and Swerver to promote this site, we were still able to garner a phenomenal response from our avid supporters.

Since then, Swerver and I had been involved in various projects both in and outside the blogging world. I had been involved with organizing and participating in a group of anime enthusiasts, while at the same pursuing my photography interests. Swerver had a lot of interesting exploits as well including his short film Sabongero where he plays Boyax, the lead character.

Watch Sabongero through Vimeo, and find more information through its Multiply page.

As for myself, I didn't expect it but I found myself involved in an independent film project as well. Well, not exactly a film project but a video project. Our project is called Project: Einstrider, a series of short films that revolve around a central story. The story revolves around a world where cybernetic implants are prevalent, giving people the ability to do superhuman feats. However, the approach is kind of like Heroes, where people with abilities still look normal people and lead lives the way normal people around us would.

Please support our project! We have released our first video, Project Einstrider: Ignition, where we show the characters that will be featured in the series of videos that we will soon be releasing within this year. Support us by viewing the video through our Youtube channel.

More information about Project: Einstrider can be obtained through our Facebook Fan Page. A blog is in the works, and would be launched as soon as possible.

Ziplines in Liloan?

After a full two years of hiatus, the Liloan Trippers have heard of a new attraction at Liloan: The Zipline!

There are actually two resorts that offer ziplines for visitors of Liloan. One of these would be the dPond in Kawayanan, Yati, Liloan. The other one is the zipline owned by the Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon. Apparently, they are competitors.

Both ziplines were constructed in 2010. According to a report by the Philippine Star, the Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon zipline was sponsored financially by the family of Democrito Mendoza. Total amount invested in the zipline reached 3 million pesos. The article states that work on the zipline took only a month. The zipline was officially opened to the public on December 2010. They even got an assistant priest at the local parish to ride and bless the ziplines on the inauguration.

The Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon zipline is 800 meters in length, and crosses over a part of Silot Bay. The other end terminates on the island named after the ill-fated lady in the Liloan legend in this blog entry by Swerver.

On the other hand, the dPond zipline is only 200 meters in length. Nick Abella writes in his Wordpress blog that the zipline is 5 stories high and crosses over 3 large fishponds. The system also utilizes dual parallel cables. There are three options for those wanting to try dPond's zipline: the Mini ziipline (35 meters), Big zipline (200 meters) or the Superman-style zipline, which is also 200 meters.

Work on the dPond zipline commenced in September 2010 and was completed in December 2010.

For more information about dPond, check out Nick Abella's Wordpress blog. Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon's Facebook fan page should give you all that you need as well including information on rates and open times.