Friday, August 29, 2008

The Latest Escapades of the Liloan Trippers

Yesterday the authors were offline and unable to make updates. But do you want to know what the authors were up to yesterday? We went to Liloan -- once again -- and toured the town the whole day.

First, we revisited Suba Channel for the sake of our latest recruit, Eyean, who also brought his camera just for the trip. His photos will be uploaded and used soon.

Next, we went to the Landang factories where we learned about the manufacturing of landang, a very important ingredient for binignit.

We visited that former golf course above the memorial gardens where we saw the "lamakan" and an overlooking view of Punta EngaƱo and the Lighthouse.

Afterwards, we went to some of the potteries and ceramics makers in the area.

Then, we went to Silot Bay. God, the place was beautiful.

We visited Wiggy's Beach Resort before lunch...

Last but not the least, we braved the rocks of the river in Barangay Mulao...

... all the way to the boat-shaped, gigantic, piece of rock.

More blogs about these later. We have a lot to tell.

~Immortalundead and Swerver


Anonymous said...

Everything looks so peaceful. Ah, almost like Paradise! I could go for that.

immortal_undead said...

That sounds good! We look forward to having you here.