Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How Much Would It Cost To Get to Liloan?

In the face of the overwhelming and flattering positive responses to our 10-day old blog, Swerver and I had been facing the most common question of all: how much does it cost to get to Liloan? Most local people know the answer to this, of course, and for that consideration I am making this post out of respect for the foreigners that have expressed heartfelt interest in visiting Liloan after visiting our blogs.

I don't want to insult anyone by explaining how to get to the Philippines and to Cebu, because it is pretty much self-explanatory. Instead, I will start to explain the process from the arrival in the Mactan Island airport.

The first thing you should do is to check yourself in at a hotel. This would depend on how well you know Cebu. Personally, I would recommend Mango Avenue. There are a lot of hotels there and there are a lot of places that the party-going tourist could frequent on his stay in Cebu. Mango Avenue is also located strategically in the center of Cebu. You could get a ride to any place in the City from there.

To get to Liloan from Mango Avenue, you have three options: take a cab, take the public transportation, or charter private transportation. The third option is very convenient and safe, but it also denies you the experience regarding Cebu's transportation culture. With that in mind, first, I will discuss taking a taxi.

There are actually two ways that you could take a taxi. The first one would take you all the way to Liloan, while the other means you have to get off at Hi-Way Mandaue, right across the street from the San Miguel Brewery compound. We couldn't give you any definite figure how much a cab ride would cost because it is dependent on traffic, and until where you would want to ride the taxicab.

If you opt to take a jeepney, you can take a 21-B jeepney from Mango Avenue until Hi-way Mandaue. This option would cost you 12 Philippine pesos from Mango until Mandaue.

Mandaue is the bridge to Liloan, like Swerver said in this blog. No matter what you ride to this place, we could give you a very definite figure on how much you'd have to spend to get to Liloan excluding the ones already discussed about getting to Mandaue itself. From Mandaue, you could ride any of the multicabs that head off to Liloan and the other towns after it, i.e. Danao, Carmen, Catmon, etc. From Mandaue, the trip would cost you about 15 Philippine pesos to get to Liloan itself.

There is another option. You can take either a taxi or the 21-B jeepney to White Gold, near SM, where there are jeepneys bound for Liloan and the other northern towns. I wouldn't recommend this approach though because riding in these jeepneys are extremely uncomfortable. Passengers are tightly packed together like sardines. These jeepneys also don't leave right away until they are full. I haven't tried this approach as well, so I cannot give you any prices about this.

I am not from Mactan Island, although I have been there a lot of times. Swerver can explain more specifics about getting to Liloan from Opon, where the airport and a lot of five star hotels are located. We look forward to having you in Liloan!



Mike said...

I can't wait to go to Lilo-an . . .

sam said...

**taxi cabs from the heart of cebu city to liloan would cost roughly P230-250 (the meter will run up to P180-P190, however, most drivers would only take you to liloan if you add P50.. this is technically illegal, but understandable since the drivers want to be compensated for the trip back to cebu city w/o a passenger)
**a taxi ride taken from sm or ayala will cost around P200-P210 (P150 on the meter plus the usual mark-up of P50)
**a cheaper alternative to taking a taxi, and more comfortable than taking a puj is to take a v-hire. v-hires from sm cost P45, v-hires from ayala cost P35.