Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On Blogging Liloan

Yesterday, in the street of Liloan, a very prominent student from UP-Cebu asked me why we decided Liloan to be our “town for blogging”. He knows for a fact that I don’t live there.

Well, why not Liloan, I initially thought of telling him. But I did give him a short response anyway for which he deserved being a true lover of his hometown.

“It’s in small towns where you feel strongly the warmth of people, the culture and the individual souls coming more into one form of pride for what they have. I think Liloan has that. I think there’s so much more to Liloan than what people actually know. I’d like to contribute a bit to that end. It still makes me wonder about what other stuff Liloan is made of. Liloan is an old town and hearing stories about its places and history is a joy in itself. The fact that an old, intriguing town is very much accessible from the city is a huge plus as well. And, see, you have good air here.”

The prominent UP student later toured us to Silot Bay, where according to one tale was the place it all begun. There will be a good entry and pictures about that later. (Too bad for other pictures as we went there at night.) Meanwhile, the first picture is me at Hanz Refreshment, one of the highly-recommended halo-halo stalls. The second is a picture of habal-habal, a mode of transportation used in more hilly and remote parts of Liloan. Immortalundead previously blogged about Liloan's transportation.


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Anonymous said...

If you enjoy the virtues of Liloan, then there is every reason to write about it. Who is that "guy" to tell you what to do! I think that you handled it very well.

Henry said...

i think this was you, Toby. ;-)
but no problem, the guy was just curious why Liloan and he meant well :P

Anonymous said...

ey...thanks for featuring our town...i really learned a lot...and i became a proud liloanon =D

LILOAN said...

our pleasure 'another anonymous'... if you may, pls make yourself known here so that other genuine liloanons get their voices heard and won't feel shy...