Saturday, February 21, 2009

Liloan Trippers Goes to Bebot Alegre's Shop

... I wonder if we'll be called Opon Trippers because of that? Ultimately, we'll turn into the Cebu Trippers when we start touring more and more places within the province. Not really, I think. Liloan Trippers is a trademark, or a brand, that marks our nature as travel bloggers because that is what we really are: Trippers at heart.

Actually this is just a plan that is being hatched. This is educational, as usual. We're planning to go to Bebot Alegre's guitar shop in Pajac, Lapu Lapu City. I have been there two Sundays ago as described in a previous blog that I limited to certain contacts because of the things I described. I'm still going back despite my negative experience with my companions, because of two reasons:

First, the Liloan Trippers have been inactive lately and we need a new adventure. Second, I've always wanted to write about how guitars are made ever since I saw the workshops beside Bebot Alegre's showroom. I thought this coincides with our Trippers project: although the trademark will always be connected to Liloan, this can be taken as an extension of our interest to within the entire Cebu province as a whole.

Plans are still being made, but I'm making sure this will definitely push through. Keep your fingers crossed.

Immortalundead of the Liloan Trippers

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