Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Reunion with Liloan, a New Fan and Future Plans

As mentioned earlier, the Liloan Trippers composed of Swerver and me went back once again to Liloan on November 22nd. Eyean sadly was not around because of a photoshoot in Dumaguete that necessited his skills. However, Darmae joined us as well as a newfound fan: my friend Roniel, also from Lapu-Lapu.

True to our cause of putting Liloan on the map, I invited Roniel along to introduce him to the wondrous halo2x of Liloan. The only reason I planned this return to Liloan was for me to relive the experience of Liloan's halo2x along with revisiting some sites. The itinerary seemed apt as we were introducing the place to Roniel who admitted "passing through the city without a thought" on the way to the other northern towns; no different from what I was before in relation to Liloan.

Swerver had told me and Eyean that there had been some changes to the Liloan lighthouse. The Sugba sa Parola has been renovated. Darmae said the renovation and rehabilitation was financed with funds coming right from the municipal government. The place has a high chance of recovering its fame; the lighthouse once again would be an ideal nightlife den. Yeah, one of the changes there is that you have to stand on stage if you plan to sing in the karaoke. I'd like to try that one day.

We introduced Roniel as well to the old lighthouse. It seemed appropriate to visit the old lady while visiting her daughter, so we did the same to the two lighthouses. Something funny happened though... we almost lost the way but a young cow that we had seen on the road earlier followed us. It seemed as if he wanted to show us the way because he kept calling us. The moment we realized we were lost, we turned and the cow was walking through another path. We decided to follow it. The cow remained behind when we found the right path. Coincidence? You judge, but we did say our thanks to the cow.

We spent a few minutes on top of the old lighthouse, strong winds and all that discussing what we could discuss. Roniel and I made plans to return with another friend but just lately we scrapped the idea because the guy had expressed desire to jump from the cliff and into the rocks below. After that, we went down and went to where I originally intended to go: Hanz Halo-halo.

While we ate our dinner and our halo-halo, we realized the world is round as the conversation revealed that we had a few common acquaintances between us, all of them from the University of the Philippines where Swerver graduated from college. We made plans to return again, since Swerver and Roniel both wanted to take a dive in Suba Channel. Swerver originally wanted to dive, but the water had a lot of dirt so Darmae talked him out of it. Next time, they said. Well, definitely not my cup of tea lol.

Besides, we still have to find that missing falls in Liloan that one of Swerver's contacts had pointed out to us earlier.

~The Immortal Undead

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