Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Support Project: Einstrider!

It's been three years since the Liloan Trippers project had been founded. During the early days of the blog, we were operating with the intent of trying to grab the win for the blogging contest hosted by the provincial government of Cebu through the Mandaue Business Month event.

Swerve and I had been a practically "Johnny come lately" (in Swerver's own words) to the contest, with only two weeks remaining before judging. It was remarkable how many views and visits we were able to generate in just two weeks since joining; we even overtook the leading blog of that time in terms of visits. Read more about Swerver's recounting of the contest here.

All of that was possible through your support dear readers. Despite the fact that we only used Friendster's Bulletin pages and our Multiply pages Immortalundead and Swerver to promote this site, we were still able to garner a phenomenal response from our avid supporters.

Since then, Swerver and I had been involved in various projects both in and outside the blogging world. I had been involved with organizing and participating in a group of anime enthusiasts, while at the same pursuing my photography interests. Swerver had a lot of interesting exploits as well including his short film Sabongero where he plays Boyax, the lead character.

Watch Sabongero through Vimeo, and find more information through its Multiply page.

As for myself, I didn't expect it but I found myself involved in an independent film project as well. Well, not exactly a film project but a video project. Our project is called Project: Einstrider, a series of short films that revolve around a central story. The story revolves around a world where cybernetic implants are prevalent, giving people the ability to do superhuman feats. However, the approach is kind of like Heroes, where people with abilities still look normal people and lead lives the way normal people around us would.

Please support our project! We have released our first video, Project Einstrider: Ignition, where we show the characters that will be featured in the series of videos that we will soon be releasing within this year. Support us by viewing the video through our Youtube channel.

More information about Project: Einstrider can be obtained through our Facebook Fan Page. A blog is in the works, and would be launched as soon as possible.

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