Monday, June 22, 2009

Liloan Trippers: Advanced 1st Year Anniversary Outing

As an advanced 1 year anniversary celebration, the Liloan Trippers organized a second tour of the town courtesy of Archie once again and his uncle last June 17. Unfortunately, Swerver wasn't able to participate as he got problems at the last minute. Work-related so he had to forgo this against his heart. We'll have another one soon.

This time I was with two new recruits: Christian and my friend Don.

We just came back from Mulao and having a late lunch, so please forgive the somber expressions we all had. We were bone tired.

Anyway, the tour started as it did when we first had it with Archie and Rolly way back. In a way, this brings back memories but this time, we have managed to snag our first foreigner (Don) and the third recruit to the town after Roniel in the person of Christian.

The first place we visited, just like last year is Silot Bay. What I found out there was that Silot Bay's waters have been cordoned off from the seafaring public because it is already a marine sanctuary. No one can get in there without the Bantay Dagat peeps firing warning shots at them. Here are some pictures (the place looks the same though).

After that, we went up to the former golf course in Appolo, where I saw the shrubs had grown up around that tree which I took a picture of last year. Check it out here for comparison.

Here are the pictures of the site now, including that tree:

We also were able to visit that wharf Swerver and I had been looking for. We were looking at the wrong direction. It was located just below the Appolo Golf Course, and only a few minutes from it. However, it was weird that we were not allowed in because we had an American with us. Anyway here are some pictures that I managed to take there:

Last but not the least were the rocks of Mulao. I really didn't want to go there, but Archie mentioned it and Don liked it since he saw the pictures. I had a negative experience there, but I won't let that dampen your interests. For merits, Archie found a shorter route to the Stone Boat, but though it was shorter those rocks still make for good obstacles to the destination. I was too tired to remember to take a picture of the Stone Boat. Oh well...

Last but not the least was the Parola. Now, no need to post pictures of these as I have been there a lot of times and took quite a lot in different lighting conditions. In Bagacay Light Point, we had two large Red Horse beers and relaxed after such a tiring trip especially after that experience in Mulao River. The halo-halo was forsaken as well since our American friend wanted beer instead.

There have been several things that we uncovered. Although we didn't visit it, we heard talk about a certain blue stone located forward of the Stone Boat. Like it is named, it is a stone of a blue color. However, since it is located in the same place as the Stone Boat, it seems like the Liloan Trippers might never see it in person unless we spend a lot of time preparing for it: i.e. jogging, stocking up on water, and getting the necessary equipment.

Happy Anniversary, Liloan Trippers!


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Anonymous said...

What a BEAUTIFUL site-such a treat when you can't go yourself-wonderful photos!! Thanks so much , Francis